GTduality 4/25/2011 “Train Like a kid”

Dear Team,

Yesterday was the Castros fit test.  It was Mari’s 3rd test already and Zeke’s first.


I am proud of the results these two really pushed out yesterday.  Mari blew my mind when she increased output by 25% this time even when I increased weight on one movement she managed to match the same number as last time.  Zeke did great for his first GTfit test.  He did 60% better than most of the previous numbers.  Ben and Zeke have close numbers.  I am proud of the duality session.  They also did my core session which was half Pre-written and half a new experimental plyo-ring segment called the Suicide-3’s – Three workouts specialize for muscle and brain memory, speed, and lastly core explosive power.

Sometimes we always do the same workouts and make it mentally hard.  I say sometimes make the sessions fun! Train like a kid.  It breaks the mental plateau and rejuvenate your soul.

Anyway, here are some of the videos.  I was also happy to say that Mari and Zeke are showing physical transformation.  As they get leaner and healthier they will understand that GT is not just a workout…….but a lifestyle.


Live Life,



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