GTfit 4/25/2011 “50% energy; 100% output”

Dear Team,

As usual Monday is my the solo-masters session.  The vigor 2-hour training with Johann never seems to get easier but what it does is to push each person to go beyond maximum output.  We train once a week and it’s like we’re competing in a tough man competition.  Rest time gets shorter and as the weather gets more humid and warmer it just gets tougher.  Mondays for the common person are slow and since it’s the start of the work week it’s the worst mentally.  GT breaks that feeling and mood in the first hour.  Even our 8.30sec pace is something to commend.  johann and I did 1hr 42 mins of pure power and metrix training and then to top it off we did 3min x 3 rounds back to back of muaythai striking.  As we hit our last hour we powered up and worked even harder.  What limits us? Energy? sometimes zoning in for the kill helps charge up!  We don’t feel pain because feeling is emotional stress we don’t consider when surviving.  Almost one year now me and my brother been through countless battles with our minds and body.  GT is about the comfort of knowing your team mate won’t let you quit but always it pushes you to have that self-confidence that you can push through anything.  The bucket was always needed again but we succeeded of not using it.

I was gassed before the workout even started but managed to pull through.  These 2 hours are short compared to the energy we expand on the week on BS (ie. TV, internet, chatting).  Your body will thank you for the torment and your mind will be more alert next time around.  Always challenge yourself and those around you.  this is how you grow.



Live Life,



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