GTfit 4/26/2011 “Blur”

Dear Team,

Solo session with Ben was yesterday! Energy was definitely at 40% but the kid had some gas left.  First off, he did his fit test.  As expected with low energy comes big outputs! He came out with 15% increase again from his first GTfit Test.

Amazing how he fought through it.  I was proud of his accomplishments and his push.  He is getting a lot stronger and more efficient with his power and speed.  Thereafter we did my GTstrike.   I never seen a big guy like this move the way he does.  I would feel bad on the day he has to use his skills on someone.

needless to say I was feeling it.  His control still needs to be sharpen but his accuracy and tempo is getting there.


Live Life,



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Husband, Father, fitness enthusiast. GTfit founder. We often settle and find that moving, even at a slow pace hard. I am here to show you that no matter how slow - PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS. #evolve

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