GTfit 4/27/2011 “FIGHT!”

Dear Team,

Today is Antonia’s first GT session with me.  Although Antonia had previous training from me back in 2010.  She was the 2nd Lady GT member prior to it being fully established and marked in stone.  Antonia has the fight in her although she battles some injuries she still manages to fight.  She is very resilient and doesn’t quit.  Sometimes I push her over the edge but she knows she can do it.  Today was her first GTfit feel.  The bucket test never fails.  But I am proud to say the women still hold 100%  of passing it.  She did GTmetrix and GTstrike today.

  It was a brutal 45 minutes but she managed to fight through it.  I want to see her results quickly and safely.  She is a tough one to train but she is one of the most meticulous and accurate lady strikers I have.  Her drive will be her biggest asset.  No tolerance for BS – we are going full speed.  Please support her road to a better lifestyle.


Live Life,



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