GTfit Antonia 4/29/2011 “LETS GO!”

Dear Team,

730am and the champ walks in! She’s a little hesitant but she is down to go for the gusto.  Antonia breezed through the warm up and started feeling the heat.  Her first workout session was low impact but very effective.  I am proud of her for pushing through.  The following movements not so nice.  She went through my classic GTfreestyle with a bit of help from past workout formulas.  I was happy to see the results.  At one point we pushed her HR to 142.  I am seeing already a change in her and I love it.  The energy is up! Also at 730am who wants to be yelled at? She does! Anyway, striking is serious to me so I put her through a 3min x 4 round outtake and it was brutal.

She learned by 4-basic moves and it was effective.  On the last push and round she nearly lost it and almost had to ask for the bucket but she knew what to do and stopped it.  I think it was because her stomach was empty.  I have to remind my members to eat sometimes.  Anyway, glad the training went well and that she was able to do all the moves in proper form without knee issues.  Antonia’s heart was there 100% and that’s all I can ask for.  Great job and proud of her tornado energy.




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