GTfit Sharida 4/27/2011 “Fit Test”

Dear team,

Yesterday was Sharida’s turn to turn up the GT knob and fight through and do her fit test.  Very impress as far as the output and her push to not quit and slow down.  Her endurance was high and energy was up there as well.  She did better than I anticipated but she has the advantage of eating properly and support from Ben.  This all came to play with her numbers.  This is the beginning of her journey as she hit one month.  After that we did GTfreestyle and as all my clients know are the most intense out of all my routines.  She did a great deal of pushing and really showing me she was there to burn calories and mold her body.  I love that intensity and it keeps me motivated even more to help the client.  She is truly benefiting from GT and I am proud to be there for her in the beginning and will be there until the end.  Hope she takes this journey as a life lesson.  It’s fun, intense, and a growing experience.  Anyway, enjoy the video! This girl will have more to come today!


Live Life,



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