GTfit 4/28/2011 “Sha”

Dear Team,

Yesterday Sharida took another session as she is getting ready for the warmer season.  She was a little sore she said but yet pushed and lifted as if this was her first time doing it.  GTfit after the first month is when it really counts for me.  That’s when the excitement and the muscle memory kicks in so it’s crucial to trigger the adrenaline and release the endorphins for the fight!  She truly has that mother’s heart and determination.  She fought through all the movements like a warrior and was proud of her results.  The video tells it all.  Even when I saw her about to crack she mustered up enough energy to power through the moves.  That is what I want to see.  Striking was also included and let me tell you this girl is getting there.

To quit on yourself is accepting that your only capable of this at the moment.  What if the moment truly counted? What if that was your last move? When will you always be 100%? None of us wake up and say I am at 100% but you find it inside to live, to inspire, to fight, and then to triumph.  That is what the training is all about.  It’s not just a workout…It’s a way of living.


Live Life,



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