GTfit Cat 5/2/2011 “1-2….3 what?

Dear Team,

Yesterday was Cat’s second session with me.  No videos or photos.  I really wanted to concentrate on getting her HR down pack as well as her breathing.  We did light low-impact movements for starters.  She is gets gassed easily due to lack of fuel and endurance.  So I will work on this aspect.  Her body does adapt quickly but because she is focused on the pain or little of she slows down.  However, striking is her forte.  She was introduced to Muay Thai 101.  She loved it! She has a great reach advantage and with the height can reach even further but still afraid or hesitate to use it.  She over thinks the combos but so does everyone.  It’s normal to be overwhelmed but once her hands started striking it clicked.  She is still bad at fainting and evading.   I was happy with the results.  Next time will video the session.  Time to change-up and push her even more.  It’s usually hard to start again and doing GT is a mental obstacle.   Once you over come it you are golden.  Cat nearly got rocked more than 7 times and I guarantee next session I will not be gun-shy and might give her a chin check or a stomach check.  All in all she did great! proud of her!




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