GTfit Zeke 5/4/2011 “STOMA-GANZA”

Dear Team,

Zeke was brutally down when he told me about his insecurities.  I rather not dwell on these mental shadows but shed a light on the issue.  The issue was just a blury vision of oneself and the insecurity that lies within those shadows.  People will always say negative things but it’s up to you to turn it around.  We all want the perfection and flawless bodies we often see on the tele but it’s sometime a fantasy; we see visions of these models and we want that.  We all want to look good but not pay the hard price for it.  But yesterday I redefined Zeke’s goals and truly introduce him to what a core workout feels like.  He finished while doing the workout with me and came out vibrant and awake.  I am always happy to see my team members coming out of the ZTC feeling alive.  They arrive as zombies and walk out human!




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