GTduality 5/6/2011 “Feeling Mighty weak”

Dear Team,

So when does it get easy? When does GT feel like you caught on? It’s a functional system that sometimes requires no preparation but just the sheer mental push.  A lot of people always say GTfit is tough and insane.  Guess what, it’s not.  It’s an easy system that works.  I feel Zeke is starting to realize this push and is truly pulling through and accepting his fate every time the sliding doors to the gym opens up.  Mari is there but still has a tough time breaking through the mental barriers.  It’s common but seems like she needs a booster to get things going.  Both Castros performed as expected and really workout hard.  Mari took it to the distance knowing GT group was the next day.  I can’t tell you how proud of her.  She is getting to the physical peak but still has a lot to go.  Zeke is now taking on a new challenge like I said and is determined.  GTduality is about these two inverse attributes and building on it.  They are both strong in their own right.  I am proud to be their trainer and will push them to their peak potential.  But will they be able to mentally carry each other? We had to reset a few workouts because the mental break hit them.  But they survived.

When you block out the pain and just work on getting things done sometimes things get simple.  The pain is short but you can’t tell yourself it’s hard.  It’s a trap.  Your mind controls your body and if your body gets the orders to quit, guess what…….it does just that.  I can’t push someone to go the distance but I can condition them to do it but only if their mind accepts it.  Don’t slack just because you think you are weak.

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself is this torment worth it? I get frustrated with people who give up before they even try.  A quitter is a weak-minded person; GT helps you endures and push.  You’re not letting me down during the training, its you who has to face yourself.  If you come to me for help I will be there but if you show me reluctance and hesitation I cannot hold your hand but point you to the nearest gym or training facility.   Anyway, See videos of their challenge yesterday below:




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