GTfit 5/7/2011 “Gymless Rats”

Dear Team,

Today I had a busy day.  Did my 7mile morning run at 6am, trained new client Susana at 8am and then did GTfit session group at 10am.  It was fulfilling and very explosive.  We started off with the warmup and run.  I saw a difference in Sou’s running now with the application of the running techniques.  Less pain and injuries.  Today Mari still struggled but she ran more than her usual and we finished this time under 25minutes.  Sou really pushed Mari and even sprinted to the ZTC which was a first.  So we are getting there my goal is 2miles under 25minutes by July but we’ll see.  I noticed Mari did not recover from last nights Core/Cardio session.  She still fought through.  Sou struggle a bit it but she pushed through.  These are all came down to mental push and fueling your body to recover.  Johann as always was hyper and happy to see him this way as he helps motivate the group.  AJ also came prepared mentally and pushed his way through my grueling Saturday session.  I am proud of the consistency of this group and although we have not completed this session without taking extra breaks.  However, I am proud to announce today we took a total of 8minutes rest during a 1hr 30min session.

GT started in its humble beginnings to get people motivated to workout again.  All movements were dynamic but not as structured as what it is today.  This is not a social club or a nice Saturday morning tea club.  We put in work so the rest of the weekend you can enjoy.  I push all members to do the homework and really benefit from what I teach and show them.  I will not hold your hands – you come to GT with one mindset alone and that is to Live Inspire Fight and Triumph through the stress, pain, and challenge.  You will feel alive and feel like you accomplished something you never thought you can do.  Happy Mother’s day to all my members and their moms and aunties!


Live Life,



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