GTfit Cat 5/9/2011 “BATTLE CAT”

Dear Team,

It has been a while since I wrote a blog about the team members but I did not forget.  Cat’s session was short but intense.  Remember she cannot raise her heart rate pass 120.  Well this session we got it up to 142.  I totally believe her body responds to her stress and on Monday I did just that.  After I know she can survive after hitting 140.  I lowered her heart rate but added a lot of stress to her – she dropped down to 110 HR but she started feeling faint and clamy.  A little stress pushes blood rush and adrenaline.  I pushed her beyond her usual training and I succeeded to break her.  It’s good to see a client who trust me and trust them self to really LIFT.  We go beyond our norm because not that we want to it’s because sometimes we have to.  I showed her she can do it and she did just that.  Check out some of her moves, and then ask yourself……Can I do it?


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