GTduality 5/16/2011 “Roll With The Punches”

Dear Team,

Today the Castros repeated one of their favorite first sessions back in March/April.  This session was a nice GTcore/stability session with a strike counterpart.  I reinvented the workout on the fly and tested them as usual.  Mari was sluggish at first but did not quit.  Zeke was hyper as usual and so I used that energy to push Mari.  Today they did a session that lasted for 1hr 50min.  It was a classic high-spirit session.  They came in as zombies and they are leaving rejuvenated.  It’s all about applying pressure and stress to my clients to see if they break or they push through anything.  99% of the time they conquer the pressure.  No one wants to be the one who quits first.

The striking segment was body shot defense and ground and pound.  Mari was happy she get her scars and she got to punch her brother.  I was just happy they are getting the ideology and principles of striking.

This is how you release stress..




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