GTduality 5/24/2011 “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?”

Dear Team,

Ysterday was my first couples therapy with Cat and Mari.  Cat took her first fit test ever and although she shot up to 147HR at one point she finished and was very impressed with her numbers as well.  Remember she has a syndrome that won’t allow her to raise her HR to 130.  But yesterday she broke that and survived.  I am proud of her. 

 Yesterday was a great duality session – it was a low impact plyo session and a bit of GTstrike.  I saw the difference in personality and focused on combining them. 

At the end of the session these two were ready to attack each other but peacefully and respectfully.  I am proud of Cat’s accomplishment as well as Mari’s showing support and pushing Cat.  The synergy was quasi-intense and I am glad it worked out.  At the end of the day they were both bruised and beat up but feeling alive and inspired.  Let’s see more positive sessions.




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