GTfit 5/25/2011 “GT stands for Getting Tortured”

Dear Team,

Today was the first time I did a GTduality w/ three people – Mari, Zeke, and the infamous Cat.  It’s a scary mixture due to Cat’s syndrome (Marfan) which prevents her from doing what the others can.  But guess what! We did it and it was a great session.  Today was also Zeke’s official 2 months and it was Mari’s 4th month – so with that said it was FIT TEST time.

Zeke really shows a lot of heart and you can tell he is determined to shed the fat and really feel good.

His numbers and results was staggering.  He literally across the board increased by 25-30%.  This was a man who could only do 11 full sit-ups back then due to his weak back and now he can do 23 within 35 seconds.  That to me folks is an accomplishment.  He truly pushed himself today and did great.  Some of the movements was even more intense and yet he still managed to out do his first fit test results.  Great job!

Mari’s turn..What can I really say about my quiet storm? She’s very driven and focused and she pushes herself.  Today she did just that and raised the bar for all the lady GT members.  Her numbers went up by 20% and not only did it jump up her movements and form improved dramatically.  I am truly proud of this girl and what she has done.  I want to see better results soon.

The team session was brutal as always and they team worked together to push each other.  Although Cat had to stop from time to time she finished all the workouts.  It’s amazing to see the duality concept come into play with this GTfreestyle session.  After this session I think the members have a new respect and meaning for GT – apparently it means “GETTING TORTURED!” Proud of my warriors!





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