GTfit 5/27/2011 “Zeke Kills it”

Dear Team,

Today Zeke did his solo workout with me.  It was a nice change of pace but a new road for him to encounter.  Today was his official run with me.  We did runs before but not like this.  He broke his previous run which was .89 – not even a mile and 14mph pace.  Today he did 2.1 miles / 11.58 mph pace.  It’s good to see him do sprints as well.  At one point, I wanted to see him push even harder but his lower back bothered him.  After that we did a 1-on-1 session that broke it all off.  We used the same (3) workout tools – did 3intervals on all of them workouts except for the last one.  We must have hit 1000 reps total on all the movements.  It was pretty brutal but the day was nice so I did not want to waste his time.  Zeke is getting stronger/faster but he just has to break out of his shell.  Overall an awesome session.





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