GTfit Mari 5/31/2011 “Takedowns a Must”

Dear Team,

Today was Mari’s 1-on-1 session and coming from her Memorial Day Weekend she had a lot of aggression bottled in.  She is such a quiet storm is unbelievable what I can make her do by just showing her how to focus her energy.  She did power training today as well as explosive movements.  She got to flip my truck tire (120lbs) She did just as expected once she got passed the fact this was heavy.  Then we did some striking and she did her first wrestling/sambo training.  Mari has lots to learn about centering herself and focusing on the task rather than becoming overwhelmed.  She is a powerful woman and she doesn’t even know it.  My neck, back, and my fingers are in pain from her.  At the end of the day I am proud to teach her all of these things – as long as I know it will be used to protect not to destroy.

Tomorrow will be a duality session let’s see what she got!






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