GTduality 6/4/2011 “Strike like a Sherman Tank”

Team GT,

Today since Mari has been interested with mma training I took that energy and put her through what I use to do.  We did a 3x1movex4sec drills.  All pure anerobic workouts which stimulates power and explosive hits.  Also, we ended it with double leg take down drills.  It was a success although both thought they were too weak to do it.  I am happy to say Mari can pick up someone 10-20 lbs heavier than her.

Are you ready for the bucket challenge? I am more than confident you guys will see the same results! Always be willing to do things to become who you were meant to!




About Mickel

Husband, Father, fitness enthusiast. GTfit founder. We often settle and find that moving, even at a slow pace hard. I am here to show you that no matter how slow - PROGRESS IS STILL PROGRESS. #evolve

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