GTduality 6/5/2011 “JOREEE-YEEAAAHHH”

Dear Team,

Today was the first ever CT for Johann and Sou.  I am truly honored to train my best friends and to see them work as one and really push each other truly shows me how much support they have for each other.  Johann is always and I believe will always be passionate of anything fitness related and to see his future wife really come out of her comfort zone and battle her pain makes him proud.  So am I.  For the short time I known them I always knew the fire they both have inside and the drive and passion that fuels it.  So I knew what type of movements to put them through.  Plus Sou requested for some MMA drills..

Couples therapy is about the duality between the two.  It’s the bond and unconditional support that is there or that is about to be.  Anyone and everyone benefits from this type of relationship and bond.  Be proud of your spouse and their push.  The men and women who have been doing CT have been pretty happy about it and the results and intensity it comes with.  Hopefully we see more of Johann and Sou as they enter their lifelong journey together.

So here we go folks! Watch the videos! This is the beginning…..





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