6/18/2011 “A New Group Forms”

Dear Team,

Today is the new dawn, a new team is arising and an old face is back.  GT is all about the synergy and conglomerate effect of each member.  We all feed of the energy and vibe.  Johann is the master of releasing positive vibes and uber crazy energy, some may think it’s over the top but to me it’s just enough.

I try to promote training as a way of survival.  It’s tough but making it fun is the balance.  The movements are what we use to do during our youthful stage – so why not revisit those days when we had high energy and was carefree?  Johann understood this when we first started.  The pain you feel is the weakness releasing from your fibers.  We all forgot to be young because we center too much focus on the pain, the stress, etc.  Let’s focus on the fact that when we were kids we use to fall, hit walls, crawled on floors and elbows, and did crazy stuff and not complain.

Anyway, we have an official new member, Shelbie.  She has an athletic build and very strong willed.  It’s the energy she brings that made her pass the bucket challenge.  I am so proud of her.  Also, Joey is back at it again.  One of my close brothers-from-another-mama and one of the first GT members from last year.  Great work from everyone.  Also, today Johann and Soureia celebrate their honeymoon with us (sweating and grunting).   Congrats again for the newly weds.

What a life people! It’s great to train and be with awesome genuine folks who share the same views as you do.

Watch their videos!





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