So what does it feel to work for me? This is what a team who’s beliefs move as one and ethics are aligned.  We have one mission, one goal.  I trained in the morning solo after training Antonia and then now to help my Facility Events renegades how to warm up for the day.  We did a nice plyo session.  I noticed a lot of changes with the guys.  I am proud that they understand what my goal is and that our morning meetings are effective.  The US Open is coming up and we all need to be mentally strong.  These movements are not meant to break us; is to test us to focus on the task and not let things like discomfort and pain get in the way from executing each movement properly.

One a side note, Wayne came late and he is responsible to catching up.  This is how you catch up: 20 push-ups; 20 burpees; 30 squats.





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