6/27/2011 Zeke “Patience is a…”

Dear Team,

Yesterday Zeke came in solo – he was tired, a bit distraught, anxious, and feeling defeated.  It was as if he didn’t to train and continue GT due to the fact he was not seeing the body results he wanted.  What does your body say when it trains also says when it rest “take your time and relax” – your body is exclusive and varies from person to person.  There are a lot of variables that determines your results and output.  Not everyone can eat bad food or train 5minutes daily and get ripped.  What GT promotes is a lifestyle and a healthy habit – it’s tough but yet simple and easy.  It’s proactive and effective.  It works if your mind is impatient and restless I cannot control what you see.  Your eyes want to see results quicker than your body can dish out.  Fact of the matter is with speed and quick results comes a price.  It has been a proven fact that some things that are easily obtainable is not worth keeping or does not last as long.  Zeke has shown a gust of determination and followed eating regimen for a month and a half and has been training with me for 2months not including his first month.  It’s tough and it’s hard.  We might not have eliminated his stomach but we got rid of his lower back issues, we made some of his less to be desired physical attributes go, he fits well in clothes, he is faster, and a lot more explosive.  If he wants the quick results, or even faster I can help him but it requires A LOT of work.  Be positive and patience and all the hard work will pay off.  He tells me he got quick results from P90x and Insanity – tell you what – those systems are 5-6 days a week sessions 1hr to 1hr30mins – GT sessions he attended are 3days a week 45-1hr sessions max.  With all his accomplishments you tell me whats more effective? And he tells me insanity hurt his back.  I can help anyone reach their goal but their minds has to be open, trusting, and patient.  I do what I can but I can’t do all the work for you.




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