7/5/2011 “NOVACANE”

Dear Team,

When life takes you to loops and turns and things become redundant – you numb out.  GTfit is not just a workout system its a lifestyle.  You feel like a zombie? Let us kick that feeling out of you and let you feel what living feels like.

Today was the birth of the Mama Warriors, it was an idea prior when Sharida and Rachelle was trained together but today was the first time Rachelle trained on her own.  She was with Debbie who took the bucket challenge on Saturday last week and survived.  She is an official member now and will be working with Rachelle.  She has a lot of heart, and why wouldn’t she? She had five beautiful and healthy children.  The energy she hides underneath all the tissue, fat and muscle is potentially whats going to help her break out of her shell.  She is focused and no matter what workout Rachelle dished out she did.  She had a whole game plan today filled with cardio / striking.  Rachelle has a mixed knowledge of crossfit and mma routines that’s very useful and effective.  Let’s welcome a new trainer as well as a new member!

We have some work but in due time we will see results and a lot of changes.  Patience is key! WHO ELSE WANTS TO BE A MAMA WARRIOR? Enlist now!


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