7/9/2011 “AREPA!”

Dear Team,

Today I invited some of Roy’s running/crossfit team Running for Life (RFL).  It’s a controlled running group specialize in cardio and speed drills as well as plyo and calisthenics.  Pretty much his own GT.  Today we entertained Alica, Will, Kerry, Christophe, and David.  The team was happy and ready to rock.  My GTfit team welcomed their cousins with open arms.  This is how we branch of but stick with the same philosophies – this is not a workout folks! It’s a lifestyle! The weekend LADY GT sessions have evolved to a LADY Bootcamp designed to challenge any weekend warrior man or woman.  Once again my new favorite Marine stress system also known as Game of Planks – It was modified and it was a dangerous one. Today we Adjust Respond Evolve Push Adapt (AREPA).  As hard as GT is the feeling after is irreplaceable.  Your seratonin levels are high and your body feels loose and ready for life.  This is GT FOLKS!!

Nothing else to say.  See the team’s sweat and dominance of my bucket challenge!  I welcome any person in any walks of life and physical fitness to make that change now and take the bucket challenge.  Let me guide you to a new way of life and perspective.  Sometimes you just need a quick kick and the butt to get yourself together.

If anyone wants to train with RFL please let me know and I will pass your info to Roy.  Great leader with a big passion for fitness and life.

Live Inspire Fight Triumph,



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