7/9/2011 Beast Training Day 2 “Understanding Anaerobics Training”


Anaerobic training really takes you to a black dark place but it helps unleash a predator inside of you.  Anaerobic simply means without air.  Most of GT movements are explosive workouts that are all anaerobic since your body relies on its ATP and then carbs to maintain the explosive movements.  I am serious about trying to push my level of fitness to the next level.  No real reason why other than to see if I can still do it.  My knees are finally getting better but still feel tightness.  I want to raise up my lean muscle levels and hopefully this will push it as well as my V02 levels.  I trained this am with the GTfit group and now my solo iso-anaerobic session.  This time using my techniques and infusing the anaerobic philosophy of limiting oxygen and using the oxygen within my muscles that stored.  Energy system development – first your body uses the stored energy in your muscles which is called ATP, and then your body switch and starts using creatine (yes like the supplement) the body breaks it down for 10 seconds and then the body starts burning carbs since your body is working so hard and so fast to burn fat.  Bad news about burning carbs (glycogen) it’s because your body starts producing lactic acid and it burns like hell.  Your muscle starts wearing down and slowing down.  Now imagine even doing the same movements with restricted air for a longer period.  The Marines call it the stress test and during PT they test some of their Marines out and see who’s got it.  Even getting into the Seals has a similar test.  It’s very dangerous to do any of these exercises especially anaerobic is meant for short burst.  It’s very dangerous and can be harmful if you do not know what you are targeting or doing it for.  I am monitoring myself and making sure to take all precautions.  I will be doing this 2-3 times a week to get started.  Only for 15-20 minutes to make sure I do not destroy any cells in my body by killing off oxygen flow.  It’s intense!

For beginners, please be mindful DO NOT over exceed 5minutes for the first 2-3 weeks.  Your brain will erupt! If you feel tightness on the straps immediately remove it or your body will suffer or worst you faint.  Try to find your breathing flow and stick with it.  But becareful when you train with this.  I am pretty well verse on my training and know my body so I know when its enough.  For others once the adrenaline flows it may take you on a new high but becareful because the drop hurts.  Ask me questions or research if need be.

Anyway, this is day two of beast training.. many more sessions to come.  By mindful the goretex jacket and pilot suit adds heat to the body.  Today was 92 degrees in July.  😉

First video was (2) movements total x 12reps x 12reps x 4 sets

Second video was (2) movements x 2 laps x 3 intervals

Third and final video was (3) movements 45sec x 8sec rest x 5 intervals


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