Dear TEAM,

Is it hard to wake up some days? Is life kicking you in the butt? Do you feel alone? Well sometimes you have to muster up that strength yourself  but being part of GT sometimes means you are never alone.  Remember these words “I WILL ALWAYS ENDEAVOR THE PRESTIGE, HONOR AND RESPECT OF MY TEAM”..  There will come a time when you will be alone to fight but for now we fight together! Let’s conquer any challenge, any situation head on! You guys are all champions! Even if you feel that you’re weak; Fight through and dig deep and unleash that wolf out of you and run with the pack or run alone.  SURVIVE! There is nothing more dangerous than an injured wolf that’s trapped.  Everytime you look in the mirror even if you don’t see it today, tomorrow – remind yourself.  YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Do not let things run you; WE RUN THINGS! Take control of your life, your goals, your challenges! Even if you finish last – It doesn’t matter the point is you finished! You conquered! and next time around you will dominate!  BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!  Build your body, mind, and emotions to be that unrelentless wolf…

Watch this video to inspire you:


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