7/30/2011 Lady GT “DONT QUIT!”

Dear Team,

Today was one of those perfect days to test how hard you really can push yourself.  It’s 80 degrees, there’s a breeze, and we are awake at 9am.  Today was our Lady Assassin GT session.  We also have a new comer to our program, Luis Marcial.  We started off with lite warm-up followed by a 7mph pace for the guys and a 13-15 mph pace for the ladies.  We then proceeded to go through the torture chambers of GT.  There was 4 brutal interval sessions.  Rachelle took on the role of Abstruction instructor.  It was an added 300 brutal reps of abs.  It felt great!

Remember GTfit is not a  Fat loss/workout program to get you in a beach body (that’s just the bonus).  It’s a lifestyle program to help you through toughest challenges physically and mentally and to get yourself into a routine that’s healthy and proactive.  It’s a positive reminder during each session that GT is a training for life – it’s hard in the beginning and it progresses to a fulfilling session once you finish.  You conquer each interval, each movement, each second and make sure you maintain the integrity of the workout.  Proud of my assassins today!




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