So October 29th is here.  I didn’t reach my goal of 170lbs but tell you what.  I see a hell of a big difference from when I started. Now if only I can get rid of the loose skin!

AUGUST 2011 (look at me flexing)

OCTOBER 2011 (this is a relax photo)

It was a cold, dark morning in Flushing Meadows.  I step in the stadium and all I can hear is a vague song playing.  As I approach I can hear the roar of the chorus screaming “WHO AM I? I AM A CHAMPION” These words turned on the BEAST MODE.  The team mates for the first ever GT team event was coming in.  We have Luis, Gil, Bret, Kam, Alicia, and Jen, and myself.  We did a quick warm-up and headed over to the battle grounds.  Once we got to the place we saw who were up against.  A lot of athletic and I must say sexy people.  They were ranging from 18yrs of age to 65.  I loved the energy regardless of the chill and the slow drizzle that was coming down.  The team was ready and amp but you can see the fear in people’s eyes.  However, Luis and I were more than ready.  This was it! It was the moment we prepared for in 2months.  2 FREAKING MONTHS only.  It’s sick how you can get your body in this form in 2 months with pure dedication and heart.  So it’s 8:23am and we finally hear the BANG! to run.  At this point it was raining steadily and we were wet but happy.  The team energy was unbelievable.  We hit our first 1.5mile and we were smiles as we hit the police barricades section.  Crawling and jumping over mud.  As mile 3 hit second portion of the area is upon us the fun pallet jump overs and ropes.  EASY! By the time the Marine hurdles hit I can sense that the teams energy grows even bigger.  We are chanting and smiling all the way.  We breeze through another 2 miles and the fun monkey bars and parallel bars hits us.  FAIL! Due to lack of grip and cold hands we failed this one but the team did push-ups to help each other out.  At this portion we were yelling and inspiring everyone around us.  It was so energetic that the cold didnt matter anymore.  So fastly approach are the net and tire run.  FUN!  Closing in was Arthur Ashe stadium.  OUR HOME! It was 100 stairs up, .25 mile run around the bowl and 100 stairs down.  FUN! Anyway, as we sense that we are closing in the team’s synergy grows and the support from each other get’s louder with each step.  All you can hear is “GT!” “LET’S GO!” “ALL DAY!” It was amazing.  So Citifield – it was literally stairs and stairs and we got blessed on running around the field.  AMAZING! So the final last obstacles was upon us.  Everyone waited for each other in the beginning and we ran together the: Taxi jumps, jeep crawls, net climb over bus, and my biggest fear – the 8ft wall climb.  WE ALL DID IT! FINISHED! Medals handed and Gatorade orange juice.  The warmest and biggest smiles and hugs you would ever witness was caught on camera at the finish line.  We moved as one and conquered one of the toughest races put together.

One final request for an interview and we were done!  So Urbanathlon is now history.  Last week it was unbelievable.  So many great memories and experience brought all discipline and training into play.  One of the greatest things that happened was Luis and I created a course to prepare for the UA.  We over-prepared to say the least but because of that we submitted a video to Men’s Health and they actually chose both of us to be interviewed to be featured on Universal Sports TV on December 20, 2011 at 8pm when they feature the 2011 Urbanathlon.  We formed a team for this one rather than us two and both agreed it should be a team effort.  This was the beginning of the GTanimals.  A high positive energy filled squad to conquer these type of races.  I was happy we all survived.  To watch show footage and our interview click here: 2011 URBANATHLON

Official times – ONE TEAM! ONE GOAL:

1801  Alicia Maisonet            3677 35:29    1737   40:43  1787   21:13  1856   55:18  1810 2:11:29
1802  Kam Chang                  3086 34:49    1689   41:23  1798   21:11  1855   55:21  1814 2:11:31
1803  Gilbert Quioan             4344 35:29    1738   40:46  1789   21:15  1860   55:17  1809 2:11:32
1804  Mickel Evangelista         3167 35:30    1742   40:43  1786   20:26  1838   55:20  1812 2:11:32
1805  Jennifer Figueroa          3657 35:30    1741   40:39  1782   20:25  1835   55:25  1815 2:11:32
1806  Bret Waltz                 3629 34:52    1696   41:23  1799   21:13  1858   55:19  1811 2:11:33
1807  Luis Marcial               3377 35:30    1743   40:44  1788   21:13  1857   55:21  1813 2:11:34

So what’s next? Am i resting? taking a break? Does an animal stop moving and hunting after the first kill? I have the thirst for blood and this helped me evolve to someone I respect and love more so than ever.  I am who I wanted to be.  I sacrifice what I was to be what I wanted to become.  It was work and it was not easy but it was worth it.  I am currently registered for Tough Mudder for November 2011, Goruck in March, going for CMC and Spartan sprint right after.  I am not going to stop.  It’s a part of me to test out what I put in the training grounds.  I accomplished something that I would never have done 2 years ago, 4 years ago due to fear.  I let go of the fear and had fate in my training.  What is your drive to be better? If you have none dig deep! Don’t fall victim to being stagnant and accepting what is for what you could be.  If anyone has questions or help training let me know.  I am here and willing to spread the word.  As my friend Johnny told me – You know why things will happen for you? BECAUSE YOU’RE AWESOME! ALWAYS BE POSITIVE!  The world is yours people!





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  1. Victor A. Lugo

    i so want join this army of extreme warriors

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