WOD – MICKEL – 11/30/11

Training today was a bit extreme.  But got a gauge now where my body is.  Here are my two WODs.  You guys can follow both if you want to.  The 12pm session was metabolic and using body weight.  Carrying Mike Bozzo three flights of steps -for 2rounds was very explosive and I was happy to pick up someone 2o+ lbs heavier than I am.  I was his weight in July and I can’t believe now I am helping someone to drop to my weight class. Now that’s LIFT moment.  It was a nice group that showed up to participate which I was happy about.  If people want to know movements just let me know or the abbreviations.  Here are the results.

w/u –
1.5 mile bike x lvl 6-7


FT =
2 R
Fireman carry / 1-(10) burpees/2-(5) burpees
1-(10) pull-ups / (5) pull-ups
6 mins
51FT bear crawl
51FT crab walk
6 R
bent knee crunches
leg lifts


Second WOD was solo.  It was a 42minute session.  I incorporate anaerobic which is limiting oxygen flow in the system.  I RX’d and did not deviate from the movement or take off my gas mask until I finished the movements.  This was the first session fully done with gas mask from end to finish.  It was brutal.  But I did it until failure.  Plus improved on treadmill speed and was on an incline.

With GAS MASK – RX’d
5 min JR
20 mins / rounds = 4 rounds + 20 chin ups (last 2.5 minutes)
1-mile bike x lvl 10
1 – 2:47
2 – 2:47
3 – 2:45
4 – 2:42
2 miles on treadmill (speed: 6-8; incline: 0-6)
FT = 16:52

Here are videos of my treadmill run:

People always tell me I inspire them.  I do this to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Some of my training is something new to a lot but to the fitness community it’s the norm.  Some people use the word obsesses when they talk about me and my constant chatter about working out and healthy living.  Obsession is a word the weak use to describe the dedicated.  Nothing personal but this is who I am and this is my new uncomfortable comfort zone.  To Live, Inspire, Fight, and Triumph over life, obesity, disease, insecurity, and more importantly weakness.  I want to pass on this knowledge to the world or to the community around me.  Hoping that because of my influence someone will turn to you and say “WOW YOUR AN INSPIRATION”.  GTfit is my business and although I don’t charge as much as other gyms I take pride at what I do.  You can ask all the members that went through a GTfit session.  It’s not about who’s the fastest, strongest, it’s about finishing.  Don’t fear change.  Fear being stagnant and complacent.




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