Nutrition: Fuel for the body

Dear GTfitters,

So a lot of people asked, “whats your diet like?” Diet? More like eating plan to fuel my training.  I honestly follow my eating plan of 80/20 – I eat mostly 80% fruits, veggies and 20% protein from fish, nuts, beans, and some chicken and pork.  Protein is crucial for building muscles.  The repair happens when you fuel your body the proper foods and vitamins.  You train hard, why not eat hard to support your newly evolving muscles?  Don’t shy away from solid proteins.  A hamburger is not clean protein however, but a grilled chicken is.  I no longer eat a lot of starchy, simple carb, simple sugar filled foods.  Even rice and bread are 98% out of my diet.  It’s rare to see me eating those items.  I drink water as always, cold water actually helps burn more calories – fact! I believe in the Paleo diet due to the simplicity and try to understand the concept of eating like a caveman.  Which in simple terms mean “eat clean food”.  Everything we consume now are process meats, vegetables grown with hormones, everything is no longer natural.  Find a local store or when you shop take a second to understand what it says on he label.  What you put in your body determines how you will feel and look.  Believe me I did not get to where I am at by training like a beast and eating like an obese human.  Nutrition is crucial so take it seriously.  Below is an article also for my vegan friends and family.  Read up and fuel your brain with knowledge.  Do not wait until your body is hungry.  By that time it’s already eating up your muscles for fuel.  Your fat is above muscles so the more fat increase the lean muscle decrease.  EAT LEAN PROTEIN to help boost your muscles – more muscles – your metabolism increase – FACT!

Protein is found abundantly in plant foods. Vegans should consume a variety of protein sources, including legumes and foods made from them (e.g., beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, peanut butter, tofu, tempeh, edamame, soy milk, and faux meats), nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast, and whole grains. It was once thought that various plant foods had to be eaten together in order to get their full protein value, but current research has shown that this is not the case; a varied diet of nutritious plant foods provides all the protein that you need. Unlike animal protein, plant-based protein sources usually also contain healthy fiber and complex carbohydrates. Animal products are also full of artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated fat, and consumption of animal protein has been linked to some types of cancer. Plus, its suspected that the high sulfur content of animal protein weakens people’s bones. (For example, a study by researchers at the University of California found significantly less bone formation in meat-eating women than in vegan women.)




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