WOD – MICKEL – 12/02/11

Dear GTfitters,

Today I was feeling slightly off but I RX’d (completed as per prescribed).  I did not deviate but actually added in the end (2) sets of (5) towel pull-ups.  I did not expect to have the hand strength after all I did.  Today was a test of will once again but I pushed through.  Your mind is something you need to train harder than your body, it can endure so much less than your muscle fibers.  But once you get your brain set and the beast mode setting has been switched on.  You become this indomitable beast that can send tremors on a wolf’s spine.  I have a video of first workout but only up to the 5th round.  It was intense as hell.  The AMRAP 12 means “as many rounds as possible” completed within 12 minutes straight.  Second workout was for TIME to complete each movement complete before moving on to next one.  The third was pure massacre after that.  When I say you start seeing angels i mean it!

ok here we go 3,2,1! GO!!!! BEAST MODE!

VIDEO # 1:

5-min JR

(6) Man-makers (60#)
(10) rope pulls (120#)
FT= 5:08
(5) toe to bar
(12) DB Swings (45#)
50yd dash
Total time = 12:58 (below numbers on where I stopped and RX’d)
(150) TRX Atomics = 4:46
(25) dips = 6:15
(100) leg lifts = 11:27
(25) dips = 12:58
(10) towel PU




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