Dear GTfitters,

Want to survive winter months? Want to avoid extra baggage on your love handles? Well you need to eat right and keep up with 20-30minutes of physical activity.  Want to survive SPARTAN SPRINT? You better believe you better do this WOD every other day until you pass the challenge.  There are a million excuses why some days you “can’t” – you only need one why you should.  I have a busy schedule just like everyone but I no longer make excuses, I make changes.  Instead of saying “IMPOSSIBLE” say “I’M POSSIBLE!”

My son trains with me at times (at age 3) and he motivates me so much.  I lost my weight for myself, my wife, and to inspire my son.  To show my family that change is positive and living healthy can be achieved and maintained in a healthy and efficient way.


If this is the first time your working out in a while please take your time doing eat movement. Also have water ready, especially if you feel dizzy or thirsty. Ok this workout can be done at home, park, in the gym. If you cant do each movement properly slow it down or do half of the movement. If you do challenge yourself with this WODs (workout of the day) I want you to post your results here. I want you guys to time yourself of how long it took you to finish the rounds. This WOD should be done every other day. It takes no more than 15 minutes!
Ok let’s go 3,2,1, GO!
(100) jumping jacks

rest – 2mins


10 rounds total (each round is to complete all movements below)
(10) chest to floor push-up 
(15) air squats 
(12) reverse crunches 
rest – 1min


(50) jumping jacks

Challenge: (Time yourself after the warm-up) – time Section 1 (full 10 rounds + section 2)

13minutes – LADIES

8Minutes – GENTLEMEN

Once you make these time hit me up.  I need to make sure you guys understand that no minor training will prepare you for Spartan Sprint so please even if you don’t do the WOD’s do some metabolic or High Interval Intense Training to building cardio and strenght endurance.  Trust me you will thank me in June.


Posted on 12/04/2011, in Alpha. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Megan curran

    I challenged myself and did it in 9:39:02!!!

  2. nick lawson

    Completed my first WOD homework
    Finished in 15:32.07
    Not bad for only have the buck challenge and my first zombie fit class.

  3. Megan curran

    8:32 tonight!!! Woot woot

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