Dear GTFitters,

OK so you survived the infamous A1 session.  Now let’s really push you.  I call this WOD – THE 11’s.  Let’s see what you guys are made out of.  1 minute of each movement.  For the push-ups you can do the Chest 2 floor just like in the A1 video.  Also noticed I was still heavy in this video so as I was doing it I was literally dying lol.

Watch the video – write it down on a sheet and create a graph sheet and time and write down you numbers.

Here are the movements:

1. Squat Jumps (wide stance)

2. Push-ups (chest 2 floor)

3. Dynamic J Jax

4. floor dips

5. Burpees

6. Lunges

7. Push-ups (wide – chest 2 floor)

8. Power Jacks (wide leg stance)

9. High Knee March

10. Power ups (knees close together)

11. Crunches


Challenge –

Men: (50-60) on all movements.

Ladies: (30-40) on all movements.


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