WOD – 12/05/2011

Dear GTfitters,

Just crushed one of my infamous training WOD’s with Johann Florendo (founding members of GTfit).  He and I PR’d and RX’d on todays WOD.  Weights also went up so there are improvements.

:35 x :08 x 3 rounds
Jump Rope
Jumping Jacks

FT= JOHANN: 6:05 / MICK: 6:05
10 rps
Air Squats
chest to floor push-ups
Indian Sit-ups
KB Halfs (25#)
FT= JOHANN:10:27 / MICK: 5:20
5 rounds
(5) thrusters (J:115# – PR / M:105)
(10) box jumps
FT= JOHANN: 19:05 / MICK: 17:25
10 rounds
(10) SH (10/20)
100m sprint
(5) dead lift (J:115#/ M:195#) – PR WEIGHT BOTH
3:30min plank
:30 rest
3:30min plank


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