Metabolic Damage

Dear GTfitters,

Today when I woke up I looked at myself and noticed that it seems I did gain weight again or lost muscle definition.  However, as I look back at all my WOD’s and really think about how I PR’d (personal record) on most of them.  I realized my body was just hitting a plateau and not necessarily something bad.  A lot of people complain at times how they eat so well with a diet and train so HARD (at least 2-3 hours of cardio per day).  I do what you call a METCON (Metabolic Conditioning workout).  It’s compromise of power, speed, endurance training mixed with anaerobic movements.  These type of WOD’s require a lot of nutrition to support and to make sure that the body is prepared for the next one.  Thus, my saying “EAT TO TRAIN; NOT TRAIN TO EAT”.  Anyway, so going back to many emails I received from people about training and eating salads and yet no results or not fast enough or a stop.  Sometimes people fail to realize your body adapts to the training and eating very fast.  So in the beginning it changes to conform to what you are doing and then it slows down and eventually takes a stop depending if your 1) not consistent, 2) not pushing hard enough to train 3) your body hits a Set point.  What’s a set point? The theory is the idea that the body has a pre-set weight and body fat distribution that it prefers to be at sort of like an internal thermostat.  So there are many factors to this.  but some of them could be that your not eating enough? Is this possible? workout to burn calories and I minimize my calorie intake and still no results? Here is why – Metabolic damage is the result – Basically, this is what happens:  You start working out and lower your calories a bit and you lose some weight for awhile.  Eventually, you hit a plateau.  In order to bust through the plateau, you add more cardio and lower your calories again.  This works for awhile until…you got it – another plateau.  By now, you are doing 2 hours of cardio a day, and eating 1,100 calories and now your weight won’t budge.  You still aren’t lean, you’ve fried your metabolism, and you can’t possibly lower your calories anymore and still function.  Now what?

I found this explanation why it happens.  Instead of rewording I rather share the link.



Also here is a video that focus on the issue that every one dreads:

Now how do you repair slow metabolism? BY EATING! Plain and simple.  Think of your body as a furnace – the more you feed it good healthy clean food it won’t go into catabolic stage where it eats LEAN MUSCLE for nutrition and to maintain its functions.  Clean healthy food is sometimes mistaken as “salads, grilled chicken, and fruits”.  But it’s not – you can eat lean steaks, even bacon if you follow the Paleo way of living and even can go vegetarian or vegan.  Point is, find an eating regimen you ENJOY and will stick with.  It’s not a diet but a nutritional overhaul.  Just stay away from bad fats, simple sugars and carbs and you will be fine.  If your starve yourself you lose lean muscle…You lose lean muscle you slow down metabolism.  here is another article to back up this FACT!


So I am not saying to eat 4,000 calories daily but really put the mindset of eating to train.  Also, during rest days – DON’T EAT LIKE A PIG! The more you are aware and understand your body the better you will feel.  I am hitting a plateau with my mirror mucles.  But guess what my body overalls functional performance is at TOP PEAK! So I don’t care if my body doesnt look as rip as it did 2 months ago.  The point is that it’s moving lighter, stronger, and the strength endurance is there to take on the load of my WOD’s.  Be realistic and focus on the real reason why you want to lose weight – to be healthy.  Being fit is a lifestyle and is a long term goal.  Don’t adjust your life for a short-term result.  Do it for health and the body image will follow.  Nothing in life is easy but through hardwork, consistency, and patience ANYTHING is possible.





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