GT – WOD 12/12/11

Dear GTfitters,

I wanted to just drop a quick WOD session in the blog today that Johann and I did.  I noticed a lag in my performance today but picked up near the end.  I wanted to write about it briefly because a lot of athletes face a deterioration in performance due to lack of rest time between training days.  I noticed my lack of performance once the first WO was completed.  It took me longer to recover.  When we did Grace OH BOY did I feel it.  But I did not give up.  heart was pounding, shoulders was on FIRE!! But I kept on.  I should have settled for lower weight but to hell with that.  I Won’t Quit until my Body Collapse.  I know my limits and in my head I HAD NONE!

To my point, It’s very important to really rest up and take your nutrition seriously.  Although my nutrition was on point I feel like I didnt let my muscles rest enough.  But Johann and I still clearly did good time.  Plus today’s METCON (metabolic conditioning) was intense with new added elements.  Next week we go back to an old routine.  Just remember your body is like a machine’s you will hit wear and tear important thing is to know when it happens and how to re-adjust training and eating habits.  I’ll be good again tomorrow.  Nothing slows me down except myself.  DON’T QUIT!


JR – 5min

Power Slams
leg raises
OH Lunges (35#)
GRACE  (105 / 115#)
M:3:39  /  J: 6:04
FT= M:10:58 / J: 11:25
20ft tire flips
10 sledges
20 Spidermans
20 bent knee crunches



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