This one is a nice one folks.  This is a cardio blast for my alpha team members as well as GTfit members.  This is a core/lower body clinic or CLs.  This one has two choices and is a little longer thank our usual WODs.  Also, you will need timer I suggest if you have an iphone or droid download the app HIIT (High intense interval timer) The two versions splits up indoor workout and outdoor.  This is a compound WOD, this will ensure you have endurance as well as strength for any given situation.  DO NOT SLACK on the movements if you find them too easy do a variation – speed it up or even load up with some added weights if you have dumbells, etc.  If you find them too easy hit me up.

Also folks taking donations if anyone is kind enough to spare something for GTfit.  I am putting together a cash fund to get more equipment.  Every little penny helps.  I have a paypal set-up – just donate as a GIFT rather than sending me money.  Also, it helps fund for more crazy training.  Anyway, embrace the moment! – LIFT = Live Inspire Fight Triumph

So be ready to take out a bucket.

Let’s evolve in….3,2,1……GO!


W/U –

(25) Power jacks – **use A2 as reference for movement

(25) Chest 2 floor

(25) Jumping jacks

(25) Chest 2 floor **use A2 as reference for movement

rest – 2mins

Movement time =0:30 secs each movement (Alpha) / 1:00 min (Gamma)

Rounds = 3 Rounds (Alpha) / 6 Rounds (Gamma)

Rest = Minimal rest (no more than 15 secs in between each movement, the more you feel stronger you lessen the rest time)

1) Mountain climbers:

2) Planks (UP AND DOWN):

3) Lunges (side – alternate legs during movement):

4) Squat HOLD (break it in 2 if you cant hold longer than 30secs):

rest – 2mins


5 Rounds (Alpha/Gamma)

– 1min plank hold (high or low)

– 30sec – legs lifts

– 1min plank hold (high or low)

– 30sec – crunches


Make sure to Stretch!




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