I’m sorry we do not have an official stream of the video but I promise you I am working on one.  Here are the four videos I captured for you guys just in case you missed it.  I just want to give props to the first GT Animal obstacle course event.  Props to: Kam, Bret, Alicia, Jen, Gil, Luis, and myself.  It was a very cold and wet day.  We started as one and finished as one.  It was a journey that I will never forget and it open up multiple ones along the way.  To all the people we helped and encouraged,  remember while your still living you are running a limitless race.  Do not ever stop learning and evolving.  Life is all about living – “Everybody dies but not everybody lives“.  Next time you think of excuses when your on the couch eating chips, ask yourself this “Am I Happy?” if the answer is yes then stay there.  IF NOT GET THE F*CK UP! and MOVE! You die once you stop.  Your body, mind, and emotions connect as one if you let one go the rest follows.  The obstacle is starting, the journey begins when you move forward and never look back.  ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY not the other way around.

Being the team captain of GT Animals and the main coach for GTFit, it’s my job to share my experience.  I can’t explain the energy that you will feel once you find out your stronger than what you think.  Each day is an opportunity to show people how great they can be.  What people see does not define me; it’s what I do! With that said enjoy the videos below.

ONE TEAM! ONE GOAL! We are gathering and pushing more people off their couch and join us.  GET TOUGH or GO HOME!






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