WOD – Mickel (Goruck Training D1)


Today was the beginning of my Goruck Challenge NYC training.  It’s a brutal 8-10 hr event and 15-20miles of fun activities stemming from a giant log carry for miles, duck walks, Fireman carry push-ups, flutters in the water, and all this with a 25lb bag strapped on you at all times.   I am at 180lbs now – I feel a little bit stronger and leaner now but still heavy.  I want to be at 160lbs by March but we will see.  So tell me is this fun or what? Anyway, my partner in training Boz who’s at least 10lbs heavier is my human ruck bag.  Also, today I PR and past 300 on the Deadlift.  AMAZING and I am not at all in 100% form.  Also today was the first day Bozzo did band support pull-ups.  Also, today was the first day I introduce him to the CJ (clean and jerk).  Amazing how this man evolved.  I am sore tired and gassed out by the end.

Anyway, here is today’s wod.

W/U –
5min JR
(25) chest 2 floor
(25) jumping jacks

HELEN (not as RX’d)
400m (w/ 37lb Ruck bag)
21 KBS (w/ 37lb Ruck bag)
(5/5) PU (w/ 37lb Ruck bag)
55yd Fireman carry -> (12) CJ (Bozzo – 62#) / Mick = (3) HSPU + (8) parallet swings
3R x Tab – 35x8sec

bent knee crunches x plank, kick up leg lifts, spidermans
DL (223#, 273#, 293#, 313#, 313#) – PR!


Bozzo Doing Pull-ups:

Bozzo Doing clean and Jerk:

Mickel DL 293#:

Mickel DL 313# – PR:


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