Dear GTfitters,

Today is Christmas eve.  What better way to celebrate it then a METCON WOD called 12 days of Christmas.  People are celebrating by spending family time or unwrapping gifts and eating.  Well just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean I have to slack or cheat.  I am on a training path and this was my gift for myself.  The gift of health and fitness.  Just because the visual image of Santa Claus is fat and jolly doesn’t mean I have to look like him as well.  Wouldn’t you rather unwrap a fit body when you take off your comfy jammies in the morning, instead of wrapping yourself with a snuggie and convince yourself that you will train hard after the holidays? Same old song? That’s the ultimate gift.  But some have to work harder than others to get it.  Anyway, my 12 days of Christmas is unlike all Crossfit WODs of the same name.  I decided to break mines up into three sections.  But total rounds will be 12.  It’s not as bad as I thought it would be until I hit the burpees on first round.  By the time I was doing lunges my heart has shot up to 160-165.  Anyway, it was a great way to push myself again.  It’s fairly chilly today (37degrees in the GTfit Sweatbox).  But my muscles were warm-up properly and my was was fueled by a nice healthy vegan drink this am followed by a good friend’s SUPERFUEL pastries (will post up a full article shortly).  I had 4hours total sleep and woke up today at 7am on the dot.  I was going to take another rest day today since tomorrow I am running a half-marathon but an animal never rest especially during training phase.  Ok so here we go – today the time was slacking due to the fact I was still sore from this weeks massacre.  But my focus is on Goruck and these WOD’s I will be doing will focus on the mental and physical stress my body will need to endure for this event.  Remember you choose the path you want to walk in.  I “no” longer crave oily, fat-based meals or foods.  I crave clean healthy meals that I know I will benefit from.  I remind myself of the cold, lonely, depress feeling I use to get after I binging on food.  My excuses were because I was stress.  Food should not be the escape for your emotional strain it should be the comfort of the gym.  It will liberate you and help release any tension you feel.

With that said behold the 12 days of Christmas – evolve in 3,2,1…..GO!


6min – Jump Rope
rest and stretch legs/arms: 3mins

6 FULL ROUNDS – post your pics after.
FOR TIME = 13:47
1-Thruster on a pair tree!
2-Power Jack
3-Keg Snatch squat
4-Leg Lifts
5-Mountain Climbers
6-Air Squats
7-floor dips
8-squat jumps (close knees)
9-Butterfly Sit-ups
12-chest 2 floor


Tab – 1min x 15sec x 5 ROUNDS
VERSA CLIMBER (w/ 65# chain in round 3-5
Bicycles (target: 60 reps)

1mile run for time: 6:19



Section 1:

*video will be posted up shortly.

Section 2:


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