Dear GTfitters,

Today’s WOD was dedicated to my brother Johann who ever since I met always pushed me to push beyond the comfort zone.  He brings me dangerously to the edge and dares to evolve.  Anyway, was no exception and it was brutal beyond I expected.  When I was writing it out it seemed easy but during it was METCON hell.  Tomorrow he celebrates his birthday.  I say age is determined by how you let the number define you.  37 is how many years this man has evolve to what he is today.  A strong, determined, focused, loving, and meticulous human being who’s artistic juices boomsauce with all the tattoo work he does.  Today we celebrate his birth date like assassins and KILL IT!.  This is an official tradition between us and will forever be.

Anyway, check it out and tell me what you guys think.  Also, it’s Day 4 of my Goruck Challenge training – Yesterday was day 3 since I ran a half-marathon so today I was very sore.  There was a lot of hills and on pavement (ughhh!).  My legs felt like they had cement blocks on them.  I managed to fight through the lactic acid and as loud as my body tried to convince my mind to quit.  I did not.  I fail at nothing unless I stop trying.  Fear only of staying the same each other.  As Johann’s new tagline this season “I Ain’t Neva Skeered” – Do not fear what you can become if you give it your full effort.

Evolve, in 3,2,1…..GO!

Johann Birthday WOD:
3min JR
7 snatch complex
2min JR
3 snatch complex
FT= J: 51:41 / M: 38:49
37 chest 2 floor
37 burpee to tire box jump
37 Tire flips
37 Deadlift (185#)
37 SH
37 man-makers (50#)
37 Dips
37 Cleans (95#)
37 pull ups
37sec Handstand
tab 37x7x6R
Bent knee crunches
Plank (high)
Leg lift kick ups



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