Dear GTfitters,

Here was my WODs for today – I did two, one at 4am and one at 4pm – 12hours apart.  Preparing for Goruck requires a lot of mental endurance.  So I am testing myself as hard as possible.  Also, helping out any Goruck or Spartan attendees for training.  Thanks to Sophie from Goruck GTfit is now connected to Goruck NYC Challenge.

I will post group trainings for $15 or solo training for $35 – hit me up for interest.  Cheaper than a gym, right? This is for a limited time only.   This is GTfit so prepare to be outside in the elements – be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This is how you Get Tough – GTfit.

WOD 1: (Solo)

FT = 15mins

100 jumping jacks
100 dips (machine)
50 clean jerks
50 butterfly situps
50 hollow body rock

WOD 2: Anaerobic hell (W/ Mike Bozzo)

W/U = 6min Jump rope

rest – 1min


400m (incline: 5 x speed: 7-7.5)

Rope waves

12 (125#) bench press

rest – 2mins

Tab-35sec on x 8 sec rest x 4Rounds

Rope pulls (120/140#)

Hand Release push-ups (C2F)

Dip complex (2 dips x 5sec hold)

Rest (throw up optional)

Here are the video highlights!




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