Dear GTfitters,

Today is the first day of 2012.  Ever think of why people always want to make a change tomorrow or in the beginning? It’s always a instinctual for humans to want to change during the beginning.  I feel like each moment should be an opportunity to better yourself.  Today was no exception for me.  Yesterday was a full rest day even had some brie cake and meat at night with noodles.  I usually do an active rest but I wanted to enjoy some hearty food.  Today’s I started my WOD with a nice run.  Felt heavy and even used my new Brooks shoes.  They felt comfy but still need to break them in.  Anyway, today as I ran I started to think of my evolution within a year.  I started from pushing myself pass the comfort zone to someone who got comfortable with it.  As I look at myself compared to a year ago and see the lose skin and marks I acknowledge all the full effort I put in myself.  Lots of stretchmarks, but they are not a sign of me losing the weight they are the sign of my evolution.  I am a Goddamn tiger and they are my stripes I earned.  All of my change through hard work and never letting anything and anyone, including myself to say “I Can’t” do it.  I went through my changes in 2011 from being part of the wolf pack and then a komodo dragon during mud runs.  But today I realize I am a tora, a tiger.  A tiger is a symbol of might, dangerous predator that humans fear as well as respect, and power.  All my battles in life and my changes matches the tiger’s characteristics and with this I prowl forward and embrace my evolution.  2012 may be the year of the Ryuu (Dragon) but it will always be the year of me.  Each year that passes is not a marking of the calendar, my age but another year to better myself and inspire everyone around me.  I am transforming to a tora (tiger) during my journey to Goruck.  Today I am at 181lbs,  time to get myself down to 165lbs.   Ok readers enjoy your day and remember to embrace the moment.  I’m off to a Polar Bear dip in the Atlantic Ocean later so this day has just begun for me.

Here was my WOD.

Evolve in 3,2,1….GO

W/U –

6mile run – http://runkeeper.com/user/MrYamamoto/activity/64461638?channel=web.activity.shared.facebook.auto&utm_campaign=SharedActivity&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=Ref


16 – Shoulder rotations – plate (25/35#)
(12) – shoulder push press – plate (25/35#)
(120) Burpees
Ab-salut (3Rounds)
35x8sec rest x 3R
(150) reverse crunches (strict form)



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