Dear GTfitters,

Today was the first day I took my METCONs to a new level.  Adding new elements to the fun changes the game.  I need to cut down to 165lbs but to do so I have to give up muscle loading.  However, I can’t compromise my power.  So I think I’ll switch it weekly instead of trying to work on power I’ll work on strength endurance for now and will pick up on the power after March 31st.  I do not have a lot of time left and i’m steady on 180-181lbs.  Anyway, time to evolve to the tora like I said so I must keep focus on my game plan.  Training outside brings a new element to the game.  People tend to focus too much on the competition that they forget the everything else.  Finding my balance will be key to my success.  Working on different elements now of GTfit and running will be my future path.  As I cross and finish some of my goals it’s really the beginning of others.

Ok here’s the WOD –

evolve in 3,2,1….GO

5min JR
(25) High Knee tuck jumps – 38secs

FT = 17:15
500m sprints (uphills)
(15) wallballs
(5) tire flips 235#
(7) DL 190#


30 Heavy Bag plate Hammers (45#)
30 front sq
30 sumo DLHP
30 Hanging Leg Lift
30 Bicep Curls (50/70#)
30 Dips


Pull up dead hangs
1) 1min
2) 48secs
3) 39secs
4) 46secs


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