WOD – “Pain Enters” – Goruck D10

Dear GTfitters,

I start with this “A coach can only inspite their athletes, but motivation comes from within. Listen to your soul.” Today Mike embrace the SUCK and really showed me his will power.  Not only did he push to do half-chin ups with no bands he did more than (4).  Very proud of him plus he already dropped (8) healthy and clean pounds.  Monica Harrigan also joined us just to be a spectator but tried one of my WOD homeworks for the Alpha team.  She was all smiles as she walked away with an AMRAP15 under her belt.

Mike and I embarked on my approach to new CrossFit WODs.  It was simple but painful as hell.  First section was a METCON and second was pure strength endurance.  It’s amazing how your mind can control your full body.  I was still exhausted and sore from yesterday’s training and even felt my knee nearly cave in.  Going up the stairs with a 38lb bag plus an unsteady shaky beer keg was not fun.  However, I did not allow myself to quit.  All though some of the movements was broken I still stayed with the RX weight.  The chest session was brutal but I was proud of Mike for PR’ing on his flat bench and really pushing himself.

Time to evolve in 3,2,1….GO

1mile bike x lvl 7
(25) DJJ
(25) Hand Release Push-ups


2 Rounds
Stair climbs (w/ keg = 70#) Boz / (w/ bag + keg = 105#) Mickel
25ft Walking Lunge
8- pull up Boz / 10- PU (w/ burpee) Mickel


Strenght Endurance
RD: MikeBozzo=9 / MickelEvangelista=8
(8) Bench (MIke B:95# /Mickel E.155#)
(10) laying wall walls (MB: 8# / ME: 12#)
(MB:10 / ME: 12) Landmine Squat Push press (115#)



Mickel –




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