WOD – “NO Buckets” – 1/4/2012

Dear GTfitters,

2012 has already opened up so many doors for me but more importantly brought people who have been keeping their beast dormant inside.  Today was the first true Bucket Challenge for Monica and Brett.  Both did work and gave it their all.  They put that work in and I am sure the pain they felt and hate today will be the strength they will embrace and love tomorrow.  Proud of their FULL EFFORT and taking in what I showed them.  Mike Bozzo has shown a lot of changes already from inside, out.  I am proud of his push and will power to never give up.  This was a man who told me knee injuries to lower back pain.  Could not even box jump 12″ just a month ago now did a PR 24″ for 5 ROUNDS – BOOMSAUCE all over the box today.  I am proud to push these guys to their true potential.  Let’s encourage each other to never be complacent.  So no one asked for the bucket.  Either my session was too easy or I need to raise up the bar for these GT Alphas.

I have the class schedule here if anyone wants to jump in and join:  https://jaggedswords.wordpress.com/class-schedules/

Also, offering one free BUCKET CHALLENGE if anyone wants to experience GTfit.

Evolve in 3, 2, 1…GO

w/u –
Tab 35x8x3RDS
– Jog in place (last rnd Sprint)
– JR
– Football drills

Tab – 25 x 10 x 5 RDS
12″-28″ box jumps
KBS (MB: 26.7#, MH: 20#, BC: 25#)
Air SQ


Snatch complex

3 R
bent knee crunches
leg lifts



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