WOD – “Progress” – GTFit Group (D 12)

“Change is easy in principle but hard in practice.  Commit to make a positive change. Then do it.”

Dear GTFitters,

Today we have another bucketeer who wants to take on the challenge.  Nicole – did some workouts with me but not GTFit. Today either marks her evolution or just the front door to it.  She did wonderful in her very first session.  I was going to sub movements for her but she looked at me square in the eyes and said “I want to try what’s written” – So we all RX and after 28minutes we were done.  I did not go easy as I shouldn’t on first timers as they need to experience GTFit for what it is.  Today’s WOD was awesome.  It was compiled with strength and cardio.  A lot of compound movements.  Mike Bozzo also proven that he is getting stronger.  He is now faster on the bear crawl and PR on his deadlift.  I am proud of this man’s progress.  He is showing a lot of signs of progress and each day you can tell by the way he drops that boomsauce in the box.

Evolve in 3,2,1…..GO

W/U –
Bike 1.5mile x lvl 7-10

Mike: 5mins

Mickel: 4.5 miles – 10minsrest

Mick: 4:15 (fireman:150#)
Mike: 4:25 (fireman: 90#)
Nicole: 4:33 (fireman: 40#)
25yd Bear Crawl
50yd Farmers walk (M: 90# / M: 150#)
25yd sprintrest

Mick: 5:30 (DL: 177, 177,177, 197, 197)
Mike: 7:36: (DL: 111,111,111, 122, 122)
Nicole: 6:34 (DL: 51#)
Deadlift (M: 95/115# / N: 45# / 177/197#)
bar facing burpee



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