WOD – Goruck D 13

Dear GTFitters,

Today split the WOD’s again into two section.  This morning was a nice run.  Added some of the park element and did obstacles along the way.  Had to maintain my speed but it was tough.  Yesterday’s training took a toll on my quads but still manage to keep the speed up.  Back then my speed was at a pitiful 5-6 pace.  I am still landing and running heavy but I have a better stride and cadence.  Anyway, here we go.

WOD # 1:

RUNKEEPER STATS (7.68 miles): http://runkeeper.com/user/MrYamamoto/activity/65129764?channel=web.activity.shared.facebook.auto&utm_campaign=SharedActivity&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=Ref


1) Parallel bar walk

2) front bar dips

3) rock jumps (24″)

4) monkey bars

5) 30″ box jump

6) toe to bar


WOD # 2

JR = 10mins


“Rice Chips”

FT =13:25
(30) HSPU
(30) Barbell Ab Roll
(50) Floor Knee Tucks
(10) HSPU
(30) BAR
(50) FKT
(5) HSPU
(25) BAR
(30) FKT


AMRAP15 / RDS = 16
(10) Hyperextension HG (25#)
(10) HG Situps


Quick bag work – 3rounds x 5mins



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