GTFit – NO BUCKETS? 1/7/2012

Dear GTFitters,

Today marks another day for a perfect session.  It’s 52 degrees in NYC and I have three new Bucket Challengers: Charlie, Annie, and Jennifer.  All new, some knowledge of my training but not the full extent.  Today since we do a group session we work on TAB sections.  It’s a grueling 35 sec on! and 10sec off for rounds.  The groups dynamic was good.  I am pretty proud of their team work.  This is the new revised bucket challenge and its not what it used to be.  I am pretty happy with it and may keep it constant like this.  Welcome the new GTFit faces.

Let’s see which one of them stays consistent to evolve…


2x Side to side skips
25 dynamic jacks
2x side to sides
25 DYJ

rest – stretch

Tab 35 x 10sec x 5R
cone sprints (1,2)
floor knee tuck


Tab 35x 10sec x 6R
Tire Box Jumps
KB thrusters


(5) burpees
(10) front lunges



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