GTFit – There will be Blood – 1/10/2012

Dear GTA,

Today we have another bucket challenger.  A mama warrior, a wife, and a great team leader.  Terri was doubtful of her abilities and showed signs of it prior to the WOD.  At mid way she was showing signs of her perserverance and will to not quit.  Proud of her for surviving.  Monica is another warrior.  She is progressively getting stronger and stronger and today during first section of the WOD cuts herself, bleeding like a warrior all over the place and looks at me and says “CAN I FINISH!” She is one determined assassin I do not want to meet with in the dark.  Proud of Nicole also for coming back and taking the classes on the regular.  Strong willed and I love her energy.  Boz – Mr charisma today PR his deadlift by 20#.  I had to trick him but he managed to pull off an almost unbroken 30 reps.  Great job GT Assassins.  No buckets again.  😦



1mile bike x lvl 7 – max time 3:30


25 FT Walk OH lunge
(10) Chest to floor


Tab – 25sec x 15 x 6 RDS
Wallball shots
rope drills
Power Slams
30- DL

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